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Featured Events

Inspirations: Art for Storytelling

The museum’s newest tool “Thinking about Pictures” (TAP) offers images of artworks in the current exhibition Inspirations: Art for Storytelling. Each...

Voices of the West

Americans’ understanding of the history of the American West, including that of the Great Plains, has been significantly shaped by novels, movies, and...

Virtual Drop-Ins

Please drop-in virtually for resume critiques and other brief questions with Career Center advisors Monday-Thursday, noon-4 p.m. See additional drop-in...

Career Chat for 6th - 12th Graders!

Join us as we meet Hollis Lyman! Hollis is a project coordinator at the University of Denver. Her research focuses on concussions and traumatic brain injury...

4/7 2pm
Virtual Event
Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the chief legislative and policy formulating body of the Graduate Faculty. The council formulates, reviews, and approves policies...

Navigating Change: A Tool for Conversations Around Change

Participants will explore opportunities to acknowledge loss, recognize opportunity, and embrace an openness to growth. This workshop will offer participants...

4/7 3:30pm
Virtual Event
Power Dialog: A Climate and Energy Plan for Kansas

Bard Center for Environmental Policy is coordinating the convening of hundreds of online conversations focused on the potential to solve the energy side of...

4/7 5pm
Virtual Event
KAWSE Ambassadors logo

The KAWSE Ambassadors student organization focuses supporting girls' interest in STEM through visits to local middle/high schools. During these school...

4/7 6pm
Virtual Event
CANCELED - Parks and Recreation Trivia Night

In support of Kansas State University’s newest limited operations plan to protect the campus and local community from the potential spread of the coronavirus...

K-State Research and Extension

A follow-up to Farm Financial Skills for Kansas Women in Agriculture: Addressing concerns amid COVID-19 Two LIVE Webinar times: April 07, 2020 7:00-8:00...

4/7 7pm
Virtual Event
Webinar: A Follow-up to Farm Financial Skills for Kansas Women in Agriculture: Addressing Concerns Amid COVID-19

Topics include: What is going on with the Ag. Markets? How should I be adjusting my farm financials and management decisions? How do I cope with this...

4/7 7pm
Virtual Event
K-State New Employee Welcome - Understanding Your Benefits

Human Capital Services (HCS) invites all new employees to attend the K-State New Employee Welcome. For the full description, visit the website listed below.

4/8 10am
Virtual Event
Dustin Newlin

Dustin Newlin will defend his MAB thesis, “Profitability of Utilizing Blended Soybean Seed in Kansas,” on Wednesday, April 8 at 10:00 a.m. CST.

4/8 10am
Virtual Event
KAWSE Virtual Office Hours

Join us every Wednesday for KAWSE Virtual Office Hours. Need help connecting to resources? Have a question? Just want to say hi? Stop by anytime between 12 -...

4/8 12pm
Virtual Event
K-State Powercat Logo

Yinhao Du, PhD Canidate, Preliminary Exam - Penalized Variable Selection for Gene-Environment Interactions. Full Abstract below. Major Professor: Dr. Cen Wu.

4/8 12pm
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Judith Bautista Gomez

Flourescence studies of aldol catalysis and vapor plotting of chemically graded films // Major Professor: Dr. Daniel Higgins, Department of Chemistry

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Kaiming Bi

Analytics and theoretical studies of complex systems and their applications in epidemic models // Major Professor: Dr. Chih-Hang Wu, Industrial &...

Elena Brookover

Elena Brookover, will present her M.S. thesis defense, "“Price Discovery in Cattle and Measuring Market Thinness," on April 8.

4/8 1:30pm
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Anastasia Cooper

Molecular mechansims influencing RNA interference in the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) // Major Professor: Dr. Kun Yan...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Nandini Sarkar

Supramolecular chemistry from small molecules to cavitands: Predictive and experimental approaches // Major Professor: Dr. Christer Aakeroy, Department of...

National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program

**This meeting will now take place via Zoom. Please see below for the Zoom information** The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Faculty Early Career...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Chaney Courtney

Big data analytics in high-throughput phenotyping // Major Professor: Dr. Mitchell Neilsen, Computer Science

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: James Bridges

Clinical implications of privilege awareness raising for couple and family therapists: a phenomenological qualitative design // Major Professor Dr. Amber...

4/9 11am
Virtual Event
K-State Powercat Logo

Join us as we meet Robyn Hutchins! Robyn is a PhD student at Kansas State University in the department of Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering. She works in the...

4/9 2pm
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Bornell Nicholson

Father- child religious transmission from adolescence to young adult: the modeling effect of father child reltionship quality // Major Professor Dr. Glade...

Canceled - Polytechnic Wildcat for a Day

High school seniors are invited to experience life as a Polytechnic Wildcat as part of the Polytechnic Wildcat for a Day Overnight Experience Program!...

Economics of Agriculture During the COVID-19 Pandemic A Series of Online Gatherings - Ongoing Effects on Livestock Markets

Ongoing Effects on Livestock Markets by Dr. Glynn Tonsor The primary topics are listed above, but other specialists will be available to help answer...

4/9 7pm
Virtual Event
GSC Virtual Coffee Room

The GSC executive team will be holding Zoom coffee hour on Fridays for graduate students to call in, say hello, ask questions, voice concerns, etc. So grab a...

Virtual Event
Summer Transaction Training for HCS Liaisons

Human Capital Services is offering a group training session for HCS Liaisons who will be preparing transactions for summer. For the full description, visit...

4/10 8:30am
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Monica Navia Urrutia

Engineering the wheat genome to reduce the susceptibility to fungal and viral diseases // Major Professor: Dr. Harold Trick, Plant Pathology

Hazard Communication Training (WTD162)

The KSU Hazard Communication Program provides employees with the necessary information to protect their health and well-being from chemical hazards. For the...

4/10 10am
Virtual Event
Advanced NVivo 12 Plus

This follow-on training to the earlier introduction to NVivo 12 Plus addresses some of the more complex uses of the tool, such as to process interview and...

4/10 1:30pm
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Taylor Ochs

Advanced dual-sided microstructured semiconductor neutron detectors and instrumentation // Major Professor: Dr. Douglas McGregor, Mechanical & Nuclear...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Yubaraj Malakar

Three-dimensional momentum imaging of molecular dynamics induced by femtosecond light pulses // Major Professor: Dr. Artem Rudenko, Department of Physics

4/10 3pm
Virtual Event
UPC logo

**Kansas State University is moving to a limited operations status for all campuses, effective Monday, March 16. For more information or updates, please...

CANCELED: Week of the Young Child Open House

Join us for a free afternoon of gallery activities and art projects for the whole family. This year’s special theme is “Make Believe” and additional...

Week 12

83rd calendar day

Mediasite's built-in presentation analytics webinar

The final webinar for the spring semester will explain how Mediasite's built-in presentation analytics offers valuable insight into the effectiveness of...

Leadership Workshop Series

As members of the K-State academic community, our studies and work are situated – physically and virtually – within local and global communities facing...

Research Brownbag Discussions

Join Vice President for Research Peter Dorhout and staff to learn how the university is addressing the changing research and compliance landscape around...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Jordan Brungardt

Biotech approaches for improved disease resistance in soybean and wheat // Major Professor: Dr. Harold Trick, Plant Pathology

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Wenhao Zhang

Reducing college students' plate waste through displaying the amounts of waste and food waste related messages // Major Professor Dr. Junehee Kwon,...

Algebra Seminar: Twisted Vafa-Witten invariants and the S-duality conjecture  on Monday 04/13

Speaker: Yunfeng Jiang, University of Kansas Title: Twisted Vafa-Witten invariants and the S-duality conjecture Abstract: For a real four manifold, the...

4/13 3:30pm
Virtual Event
Algebra Seminar: Twisted Vafa-Witten invariants and the S-duality conjecture II

Speaker: Yunfeng Jiang, University of Kansas Title: Twisted Vafa-Witten invariants and the S-duality conjecture Abstract: For a real four manifold, the...

4/13 3:30pm
Virtual Event
Nemaha 4-H Council Meeting - Online

The face to face meeting is cancelled. This meeting will be conducting this meeting via Zoom. Watch email for details on how this is handled. There will...

4/13 7pm
Virtual Event
Foundations of Youth Development

This session will help you strengthen your understanding of youth development. You will learn to be more effective in planning and delivering youth...