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Upcoming Events

APDesign ENVD Welcome

All new APDesign students are invited to join our deans and Peer Educators as we welcome them to the College.

K-State 360: Hands-On CashCourse.org Training via Zoom

This online Zoom session will show students how to utilize CashCourse.org, the free online financial program to learn about finances and get the most out of...

K-State 360 College Financial Planning Badge: Student Money Management Workshop

This workshop is required to complete the K-State 360 College Financial Planning Badge and will be offered monthly through out the semester. Students will...

Climbing Techniques Class

A fun, beginner-level course, intended to expand your knowledge of climbing in an indoor gym! Cost: $7.50 for students, $10 for non-students. Register in...

Lead Climbing Class

The lead climbing class is the “next step” in becoming a complete climber after becoming proficient with indoor top roping skills. This class will teach the...