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Van Operator Training

National Safety Council training will be conducted for all operators and/or potential operators of motor pool vans operated by K-State faculty, staff, and...

Voices of the West

Americans’ understanding of the history of the American West, including that of the Great Plains, has been significantly shaped by novels, movies, and...

7/10 10am
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Brandie Disberger

A phenomenological longitudinal study to understand the development of traditionally certified rural agriculture teachers through their first three years of...

7/10 1pm
Virtual Event
Week 8

48th calendar day

Fun with Food Science - Virtual Summer Camp

Fun with Food Science: Dairy Discovery | July 6-10 Do you like to cook (and eat)? This camp is for the junior scientist who wants to know the how and why of...

7/13 10am
Virtual Event
Master of Agribusiness

Join us online for a free webinar about the Master of Agribusiness program with Coordinator Deborah Kohl. Learn how to #BeMAB! She will provide information...

7/13 12pm
Virtual Event
Hospitality Management Bachelor's Degree Completion Informational Webinar

Interested in finishing what you've started? Want to be a part of a growing industry? Join us for a brief program presentation from our faculty, Dr. Brett...

7/14 5:30pm
Cleaning and sanitizing for produce growers - online

This FREE webinar will cover details of the important topics of cleaning and sanitizing for produce growers. The webinar will include videos, sharing...

7/14 6:30pm
Virtual Event
Kansas State University word mark

Kansas State University’s Food Science Institute and Master of Agribusiness program are hosting a social gathering for K-State Students, Alumni and Friends....

7/14 6:30pm
Virtual Event
4-H Enrollment "Activation" deadline

Due to the migration to 4-H Online 2.0, local Extension staff should ensure all of their participating adult volunteer and youth enrollments are "active" no...

Last Day to update Spring Class Schedule

Last day to update the Spring 2021 Class Schedule by colleges/departments

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Jia Liang

Adequacy checking for the variance function in nonparametric regression // Major Professor: Dr. Weixing Song, Department of Statistics

7/15 9am
Virtual Event
K-State Powercat Logo

Jia Liang will be defending his PhD. "Adequacy Checking for the Variance Function in Nonparametric Regression" His major professor is Dr. Weixing Song.

7/15 9am
Virtual Event
K-State Garden Hour - Hydrangeas for the Garden

Hydrangeas are a popular garden plant, providing plenty of season-long summer color. Dennis Patton, Johnson County Horticulture Extension Agent, will explain...

Master of Agribusiness

Webinar about the Master of Agribusiness program features current students and alumni working in the food industry. They will share their perspective of the...

7/15 12:30pm
Virtual Event
Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Alliance training

Attend entire eight hour training (July 15 and July 22, 2020) to get an AFDO certificate of training (the training is required for growers covered by the...

7/15 1pm
Virtual Event
K-State Supervisory Foundations Pillar I- Understanding Ethical Responsibilities of Supervisors

This session is designed to introduce participants to ethical situations supervisors may encounter in the workplace. For the full description, visit the...

7/16 9am
Virtual Event
Understanding Ethical Responsibilites as a K-State Supervisor (KSF104)

Understand your Ethical Responsibilites as a K-State Supervisor. Sign up through HRIS using the course code KSF104.

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Mark Wilcox

Our treaty on conventional Armed Forces in Europe and Russian foreign and security policy // Co-Major Professor: Andrew Long, Department of Political Science...

7/16 1pm
Virtual Event
M-Seminar: Rozansky-Witten geometry of Coulomb branches

Speaker: Sergei Gukov (Caltech) Abstract: TBA

7/16 3:30pm
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Jan Todd

New religious immigrants in the Great Plains: A study of mostly white congregations receiving foreign-born pastors // Major Professor: Dr. Matthew Sanderson,...

7/17 10am
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Alicia Burris

Factors affecting proteasome dynamics and localization // Co-Major Professors: Dr. Jocelyn McDonald, Division of Biology and Dr. Jeroen Roelofs, Division of...

7/17 10am
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Emily Koochel

Exploring the effect of financial socialization and trust as it relates to financial well-being and marital satisfaction through // Co-Major Professors Dr....

7/17 12pm
Virtual Event
Tapping Social Media Data with NCapture and NVivo 12 Plus

This presentation provides an overview of the NCapture browser add-on (to Google Chrome and Microsoft IE) as a tool for extracting information from social...

7/17 1:30pm
Virtual Event
Week 9

55th calendar day

M.S. Defense seminar-Ellen Mendez Sosa

“Development of Listeria monocytogenes Biofilms in a CDC Biofilm Reactor and Investigation of Effective Strategies for Biofilm Control in Food Processing...

7/20 9am
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Naafey Sardar

Essays on the macroeconomic effects of climate and energy price stocks // Major Professor: Dr. Lance Bachmeier, Department of Economics

7/20 11am
Virtual Event
Food Safety Documentation for Small-Scale Food Processors in KS and MO

If you are a small-scale food producer/processor, there is required documentation you will need to complete to be compliant with the FDA Food Safety...

7/21 12pm
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Md Mahbubul Huq Riad

Network-based model, parameter estimation, forecast, and risk assessment of infectious disease transmission // Major Professor: Dr. Caterina Scoglio,...

7/21 1pm
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Yeng Xiong

Design-based efficiency for analyzing cluster randomized experiments // Major Professor: Dr. Michael Higgins, Department of Statistics

7/22 11am
Virtual Event
K-State Powercat Logo

Yeng Xiong will be defending her PhD. "Design-based efficiency for analyzing cluster-randomized experiments." Her major professor is Dr. Mike Higgins.

7/22 11am
Virtual Event
K-State Garden Hour - Pesticide Label Safety

Lynn Loughary, Wyandotte County Horticulture Extension Agent, will walk you through how pesticides are developed and which situations will provide you...

What K-State Supervisors Should Know About Their Legal Responsibilites in the Age of COVID-19

Learn about your legal responsibilites as a K-State Supervisor in the times of COVID-19. Sign up through HRIS with the course code WTD031

M.S. Defense Seminar-Kristen Peterson

Effect of natural antimicrobials against Clostridium perfringens outgrowth during cooling of turkey breast

7/23 1pm
Virtual Event
Wheat Variety Plot Enrollment deadline

As wheat harvest approaches it is time to remind members to re-enroll or ask new members to enroll for the 2021 Kansas 4-H and FFA Wheat Variety Plot...

Grandparents University 2020

Join us on campus for three days and two nights of Wildcat activities for you and your child(ren) or grandchild(ren). K-State’s Grandparents University is...

Week 10

62nd calendar day

Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo Pre-Registration deadline

The Kansas 4-H State Wheat Expo is a wheat fun day showcasing all things wheat. Join us for the annual event on Thursday, August 6th at the Sedgwick County...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Matthew Harder

Quantitative transcriptional input/output relationships in the Ciona notochord // Major Professor: Dr. Michael Veeman, Division of Biology

7/28 9am
Virtual Event
Professional Science Master's Webinar

What makes a Professional Science Master (PSM) so unique and a great fit for professionals interested in moving up in their career? Tune in from your...

K-State Garden Hour - How to Choose Potting Media for Gardening Success

Dr. Cheryl Boyer, K-State Nursery Crop Production Extension Specialist, will cover purposes, materials, mixes and how to manage soil-less potting media for...

Hazard Communication Training (WTD162)

The KSU Hazard Communication Program provides employees with the necessary information to protect their health and well-being from chemical hazards. For the...

7/29 1:30pm
Virtual Event
Supervising Students on the Job

To work effectively with this important group, a supervisor should be aware of students' work limitations, key university and federal policies, and helpful...

GAPs Food Safety Plan Workshop

Learn requirements to get USDA GAP certified and to create a food safety plan. Templates and record examples will be shared. KSU and MU Extension still have...

7/29 3pm
Virtual Event
Building Your Conflict Toolkit

Build your toolkit geared towards your supervisory role in responding to challenging situations that naturally occur within workplace.

7/30 9am
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Konner Winkley

Quantitative and comprehensive analysis of Ciona notochord organogenesis // Major Professor: Dr. Michael Veeman, Division of Biology

7/30 1pm
Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Jesse Stein

Caffine: Friend or Foe in the Modern Combat Enviroment? // Major Professor Dr. Katie Heinrich, Kinesiology

7/31 9:30am
Virtual Event
M.S. Defense seminar-Logan Wells

The role of oat beta-glucan on dough structural properties

7/31 1pm
Virtual Event