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Tuesday, October 8

NYSD Professional Development

KSRE staff and volunteers may join the 2019 National Youth Science Day (NYSD) Unboxing Event and walk home with a Game Changers kit to bring computer science...

National 4-H Week

National 4-H Week is October 6-12, 2019.

National 4-H Week

The theme of this year's National 4-H Week,which takes place from October 6-12, is "Inspire Kids to Do"!

WyCo 4-H Dog Project Meeting/Practice

Join WyCo 4-Hers Dog Project at this public dog practice held at the Edwardsville Community Center. Time TBD Interested parties should contact Danell...

K-State Supervisory Foundations Pillar I- Mindful Communication for Supervisors

This session will provide participants insight into their own communication styles and anxieties. For the full description, visit the website listed below.

Beef Production and the Working Cowdog

The Frontier Extension District and Coffey County Extension have teamed up to host a "Beef Production and the Working Cowdog" event. This educational event...

Beyond Gravity: Selections from the Permanent Collection

Apollo 11 mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin, both American, landed the lunar module Eagle on July 20, 1969. This exhibition celebrates...

John Steuart Curry: The Cowboy Within

John Steuart Curry was raised on a farm in northeast Kansas and is best known for his depictions of the Midwest. Another region revealed in his art, the...

Drawing Out Your Emotions

Come eat pizza and participate in drawing and coloring as a form of expressing your emotions. "Inside Out" will be showing during the event for...

Noontime Yoga

K-State Noontime Yoga, a free volunteer-based program that provides an outlet for students, staff, faculty, and community members. Come practice yoga...

Fifteenth Virginia L. Chatelain Memorial Lecture

Julie Bergner, University of Virginia, will present the Fifteenth Virginia L. Chatelain Memorial Lecture titled “ 2-Segal Sets, Algebraic K-Theory, and Hall...

Clarenburg Lecture - Dr. Melvin Andersen

Dr. Melvin Andersen, ScitoVation LLC, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina will present the Fall 2019 Clarenburg Lecture.

Informational Meeting About the National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC)

Informational meeting about the National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC) will be this Tuesday, October 8 at 5 p.m. in Trockmorton 2414. Come learn...

Horticulture Club Meeting

Horticulture Club will meet Tuesday, October 8 at 6 p.m. in Throckmorton Room 2414. There will be a special guest speaker from landcare.

Yogatta Meditate

Come participate in yoga and meditation with us on Anderson Lawn to practice some self-care. If you want to participate make sure to bring a yoga mat if you...

Tuesday, October 8