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Saturday, November 23

Kansas 4-H Leadership Weekend

Kansas Youth Leadership Forum and Kansas 4-H Volunteer Forum KYLF will featureleadership workshops, Youth Council Elections, and opportunities to learn and...

Kansas Youth Leadership Forum (KYLF) and Kansas Volunteer Forum (KVF)

KYLF and KVF is held November 23-24, 2019 at Rock Springs. KYLF is for youth ages 14-18 before January 1, 2020 and KVF is for all Kansas 4-H Volunteers....

WyCo 4-H Horse Project: Fundraiser Bake Day

Join WyCo 4-Hers for a day of baking for a fundraiser. Time and location to be determined. Please contact Project Leader to confirm location and time of event.

Horse Care 101: Winterizing Your Horse

8th Annual KHC & KSU College of Veterinary Medicine Education Seminar - "Winterizing Your Horse", Winter Prep Tips, Topics, and Timely Information

KS 4-H Youth Leadership Weekend

Kansas Youth Leadership Forum (KYLF) for youth ages 14-18 and Kansas 4-H Volunteer Forum (KVF) will be held November 23-24, 2019. Registration deadline is...


Kansas Youth Leadership Forum will feature leadership workshops, Youth Council elections, opportunities to learn and have fun and Kansas 4-H Volunteer Forum...

John Steuart Curry: The Cowboy Within

John Steuart Curry was raised on a farm in northeast Kansas and is best known for his depictions of the Midwest. Another region revealed in his art, the...

Residence Halls Close for Fall Break

All residents who have not elected and gone through the process of applying for break housing must move out of their residence hall for Fall Break by this...

Fall for Extension

Join the Friends of Cowley County Extension for an evening of fun, food, fellowship and fundraising. Raffle drawing and live/silent auctions. All proceeds...

Saturday, November 23