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Sunday, July 14

SUMaR 2019

SUMaR The NSF sponsored REU summer program provides undergraduate students from other institutions with the opportunity to visit K-State and carry out...

Claws, Paws and Whiskers - 4-H Pet Project Mini Fair

Any person interested in or participating in the pet project will have the opportunity to practice showing their pet with a judge and share their pet with...

Leaping Llamas and Rabbit Tales - 4-H Llama and Rabbit project meeting

Rabbits 6:00pm-7:00pm Llamas 7:00pm-8:00pm Any person interested in or participating in the rabbit or llama project will be assisted with prepartation for...

4-H Club Meeting - Walton

The club meets the 2nd Monday of the Month at the Walton Fire Station in Walton. If this is your first meeting contact the Extension office for a contact...

Sunday, July 14