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Sunday, August 25

Walk Your Class Schedule

New Student Services staff and student volunteers will be available from 11 AM-4 PM to walk class schedules and assist new students with finding their class...

APDesign ENVD Welcome

All new APDesign students are invited to join our deans and Peer Educators as we welcome them to the College.

First Floor Meetings

K-State residence halls will hold mandatory floor meetings for all residents to provide information about policies and procedures and to begin building...

RCLA Summer Tour 2019

The annual Riley County Livestock Association Summer Tour will be held at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 25 at Roth Farm, across the county line in Clay County....

Kickoff Pep Rally and Social

Following convocation, new and returning students are invited to a pep rally at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The event will include a free dinner and the...

Sunday, August 25