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Monday, January 20

KAP Evaluator Interest Form deadline

Those interested in evaluating STATE level KAPs should complete the following application by January 20th, 2020: 2020 Evaluator Interest Form.

University Holiday

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Week of Welcome

A variety of welcome and orientation activities are scheduled for NEW and CURRENT graduate students prior to the start of the fall semester (throughout the...

4-H Project Skill-A-Thon

Enjoy a day of hands-on activities and projects while having fun learning new skills. Bring a friend along and show them what 4-H is all about. Youth ages...

Charles Lindsay: FIELD STATION 4

Exploration geologist, author, and artist-adventurer Charles Lindsay delves into earth’s geologic and cultural pasts. Along the way, he investigates...

Virtual Event

Monday, January 20