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Monday, October 19

2020 Homecoming Philanthropy Virtual 5K Run/Walk

Join fellow Wildcats and friends for the 2020 K-State Homecoming Philanthropy 5K. The K-State Alumni Association is excited to be launching our first-ever...

Virtual Event
4-H Enrollment is happening

Open Enrollment The new 4-H year begins October 1. Make sure to get on 4HOnline and re-enroll. Click here to enroll. The 4HOnline enrollment site will...

Virtual Event
Burst, 2020, colored clay & slipcast

The Kansas State University Art Department presents Kyle Johns installation "Cut" in the Mark A. Chapman Gallery in Willard Hall. The exhibition is October...

MEDICARE Part D Open Enrollment

October 15 - December 7 Call your local RVED Office to schedule an appointment today!

K-State Powercat Logo

High school students are invited to experience a day in the life of a K-State student! Join EXCITE for a week of asynchronous and synchronous learning...

Virtual Event
K-State Supervisory Foundations Pillar I- Beyond Race: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

This session will address the importance of employees seeing beyond the race of their colleagues and understanding characteristics most notable associated...

Virtual Event
Voices of the West

Americans’ understanding of the history of the American West, including that of the Great Plains, has been significantly shaped by novels, movies, and...

Virtual Event
Fighting for a Cure shirt sale in Union

Get your Fighting for a Cure shirt and unite in wearing it Oct. 24, K-State's 7th Annual Fighting for a Cure Day, in celebration of the university's fight...

Moving Forward, Graphite on Paper, 50"x55", 2014

Emily Sheehan received her M.F.A in Visual Studies, with a specialization in Drawing and Sculpture from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) in...

Virtual Event
Brain Fit

Our brains need stimulation to stay in shape. Brain health is all about making the most of your brain and helping reduce some risks to it as you age....

Virtual Event
Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar

Planning Your Career John Maginnis, Kansas State University This talk will help students discover a career plan that works. The key to successful job...

Virtual Event
KAWSE Inclusive Leadership Series: Dr. Gaulke

Dr. Gaulke will initiate a conversation on how to be a good ally to those with disabilities and help them feel more welcomed and included at K-State. RSVP...

Virtual Event
Haidong Gu

Dr. Gu, Department of Biology, Wayne State University will present her research titled "Sorting the Host Factors via A Viral E3 Ubiquitin...

Virtual Event
KAWSE Ambassadors

The KAWSE Ambassadors, a departmental student organization, is dedicated to inspiring younger students to pursue STEM degrees, as well as fostering a...

Virtual Event
Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification

This free webinar is available to anyone interested in learning more about philosophies taught in the program and will provide an overview of the Lean Six...

Virtual Event
4-H Council Meeting - Seneca

The 4-H Council is made up of two youth representatives from each club. Youths that are on the council need to be active, as it is not the community leaders...

Monday, October 19