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Monday, October 5

4-H Enrollment is happening

Open Enrollment The new 4-H year begins October 1. Make sure to get on 4HOnline and re-enroll. Click here to enroll. The 4HOnline enrollment site will...

Virtual Event
National 4-H Week

This is the time to promote joining 4-H. Be proud of your 4-H membership and help spread the word about the benefits of 4-H. Make sure to be involved in...

Voices of the West

Americans’ understanding of the history of the American West, including that of the Great Plains, has been significantly shaped by novels, movies, and...

Virtual Event
Fighting for a Cure Shirt Sale in Union

Get your Fighting for a Cure shirt and unite in wearing it Oct. 24 to celebrate K-State's fight against cancer and honor the K-State family's cancer...

Graduate Student Council meeting

All graduate students are welcome to attend the monthly GSC meetings. Graduate student organizations are strongly encouraged to send a representative to each...

Virtual Event
Starting Your Literature Review in the Sciences

Are you preparing a literature review for a paper, article, thesis or dissertation? This workshop will help! Learn why a literature review is important, how...

Virtual Event
Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar

The Way of the Cyber Warrior Commander Andrew Young Abstract: Today, we are at war. You must either choose to fight, or be a tallied as collateral damage....

Virtual Event
Martha Smith-Caldas

Dr. Smith-Caldas, Division of Biology, Kansas State University will present "BIOL 100 - How to Beat...

Virtual Event
KAWSE Ambassadors

The KAWSE Ambassadors, a departmental student organization, is dedicated to inspiring younger students to pursue STEM degrees, as well as fostering a...

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Monday, October 5