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Wednesday, December 2

MEDICARE Part D Open Enrollment

October 15 - December 7 Call your local RVED Office to schedule an appointment today!

Aging Mastery Program

The Aging Mastery Program (AMP) encourages developing behaviors across many dimensions that will lead to improved health, stronger financial security and...

Virtual Event
Holiday Wreaths from the Great Outdoors for the Silver Clovers

Learn how simple it is to “green” a wreath and add a few touches making it your own personalized statement to bring holiday cheer. Each participant will...

Virtual Event
Voices of the West

Americans’ understanding of the history of the American West, including that of the Great Plains, has been significantly shaped by novels, movies, and...

Virtual Event
Waylande Gregory

Waylande Gregory (1905-1971), a native of Baxter Springs, Kansas, was one of the most innovative and prolific Art Deco ceramic sculptors of the early 20th...

Virtual Event
Dining with Diabetes

Nutrition and physical activity are keys to managing your type 2 diabetes and the Dining with Diabetes program can help! This is a 4-session class taught by...

Healthy Air Fryer Cooking-Barton County

Are you thinking about purchasing an air fryer ? Join Donna Krug and Jen Webster, Pawnee County Family and Consumer Science Agent as they share tip for...

K-State Garden Hour

Webinar Registration - Holiday Horticulture, Hosted by K-State Research and Extension Poinsettias are America's top-selling potted plant and there is no...

Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Tyler Mitchell

Search for anomalous couplings of Higgs bosons using events with electrons/muons and tau leptons in proton-proton collisions at sqrt{s} = 13 TeV at the Large...

Virtual Event
New Family Orientation

This Zoom session is a great place for new families to gather information and ask questions about our Leavenworth County 4-H program. This meeting is geared...

Virtual Event
Math Club: Just how smart was Gauss?

Math Club Wednesday, December 2 at 7:30 pm A crazy hard solution to a problem solved by Gauss We will explore a problem that was solved by Gauss when he...

Virtual Event

Wednesday, December 2