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Monday, April 13

45th Annual UPC Student Photography Contest (Online)

K-State Students- Stuck inside and looking to win some prizes from your remote schooling location? Enter our 45th Annual UPC Student Photography Contest!...

Virtual Event
Walk Kansas

https://www.twincreeks.k-state.edu/fcs/home-family/health-nutrition/walk-kansas/index.html Follow the link above to see all of our Walk Kansas information!

Stay Strong Stay Healthy

It is an evidence-based strength training program designed for older adults. The eight-week program includes 16 exercise classes that meet twice a week...

Canceled - Mini-Max

Eat Smart Move More Curriculum

Charles Lindsay: FIELD STATION 4

Exploration geologist, author, and artist-adventurer Charles Lindsay delves into earth’s geologic and cultural pasts. Along the way, he investigates...

Virtual Event
Mediasite's built-in presentation analytics webinar

The final webinar for the spring semester will explain how Mediasite's built-in presentation analytics offers valuable insight into the effectiveness of...

Voices of the West

Americans’ understanding of the history of the American West, including that of the Great Plains, has been significantly shaped by novels, movies, and...

Virtual Event
Leadership Workshop Series

As members of the K-State academic community, our studies and work are situated – physically and virtually – within local and global communities facing...

Virtual Event
Career Center Virtual Drop-Ins

Please drop-in virtually for resume critiques and other brief questions with Career Center advisors Monday-Thursday, noon-4 p.m. See additional drop-in...

Wyandotte County Extension Board Meeting

Regularly scheduled WyCo Extension Board business meeting. All are welcome to attend. Any questions regarding the meeting should be directed to Dr. Nozella...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Jordan Brungardt

Biotech approaches for improved disease resistance in soybean and wheat // Major Professor: Dr. Harold Trick, Plant Pathology

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Wenhao Zhang

Reducing college students' plate waste through displaying the amounts of waste and food waste related messages // Major Professor Dr. Junehee Kwon,...

Study Abroad 101

Study Abroad 101 is our main, introductory information session. While the K-State campus is closed, we will continue to offer these sessions remotely from...

Virtual Event
Algebra Seminar: Twisted Vafa-Witten invariants and the S-duality conjecture

Speaker: Yunfeng Jiang, University of Kansas Title: Twisted Vafa-Witten invariants and the S-duality conjecture Abstract: For a real four manifold, the...

Virtual Event
Education Abroad Drop In Hours

Have questions about Education Abroad? Want to talk to a returned Education Abroad student? Drop in hours will be held for an hour and thirty minutes from...

Virtual Event
Wyandotte County 4-H Rabbit Project Meeting

Join the Wyandotte County 4-H Rabbit Project for a fun evening learning all about the Rabbit Project and animal science. Please contact Project Leader to...

Monday, April 13