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Thursday, April 30

Science of Agriculture Team registration deadline

Kansas 4-H Science of Agriculture teams are now forming! The deadline for teams to participate has been extended to April 30. Contact Anissa Jepsen at...

Walk Kansas

https://www.twincreeks.k-state.edu/fcs/home-family/health-nutrition/walk-kansas/index.html Follow the link above to see all of our Walk Kansas information!

CANCELLED - MdC EMG Paola Plant Sale

The sale is in the parking lot of Family Center.We will be selling: Pollinator PlantsButterfly Host PlantsNative PlantsAnnualsPerennialsTropicalsEdible...

Front Entrance of Calvin Hall

This course covers how to view and approve student requests to graduate with a Minor.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy

March 23rd Registration Required Contact Information: Jessica Kootz - 785.472.4442 or jessicak@ksu.edu Cost: $20 - Equipment provide Classes held on...

Voices of the West

Americans’ understanding of the history of the American West, including that of the Great Plains, has been significantly shaped by novels, movies, and...

Virtual Event
Career Center Virtual Drop-Ins

Please drop-in virtually for resume critiques and other brief questions with Career Center advisors Monday-Thursday, noon-4 p.m. See additional drop-in...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Zhenhua Sun

Preparation of octenylsuccinic anhydride modified starches and their applications in emulsion and encapsulation // Major Professor: Dr. Yong-Cheng Shi, Grain...

Virtual Event
Mircobiome Workshop

This workshop is an opportunity to bring together faculty and students who are working in or are interested in, the broadly defined area of the microbiome. ...

Virtual Event
Study Abroad 101

Study Abroad 101 is our main, introductory information session. While the K-State campus is closed, we will continue to offer these sessions remotely from...

Virtual Event
Education Abroad Drop In Hours

Have questions about Education Abroad? Want to talk to a returned Education Abroad student? Drop in hours will be held for an hour and thirty minutes from...

Virtual Event
M-Seminar: K-stability of Fano 3-folds

Speaker: Ivan Cheltsov (University of Edinburgh) Abstract: A smooth Fano manifold admits a Kahler-Einstein metric if and only if it is K-polystable...

Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Bornell Nicholson

Father- child religious transmission from adolescence to young adult: the modeling effect of father child reltionship quality // Major Professor Dr. Glade...

Mindi Merritt

Mindi Merritt will defend her MAB thesis, “Effect of Hurricanes on Cotton Yield and Output in Georgia and Texas,” on Thursday, April 30 at 3:30 p.m. CST.

Virtual Event
Conversation with a Queen

Watch a drag queen apply makeup and get ready for a show! There will be beauty tips and guided conversation at 5 pm (CST) via Zoom.

Virtual Event
WyCo 4-H Shooting Sports Practice

Air Rifle and Air Pistol Thursday night practices begin. All shooters must have went through inital 6-week safety course. If you are interested in learning...

K-State Research and Extension

Online Fair Food Judge Training Thursday, April 16th – Intro to 4-H Judging Being a 4-H Foods Judge is a fun and rewarding experience, and it’s a perfect...

Virtual Event
County Fair Food Judge Training

Foods Judge Trainings originally planned as in-person events are now being converted to an online opportunity. The trainings will be held using Zoom Video....

Virtual Event

Thursday, April 30