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Tuesday, July 28

Grandparents University 2020

Join us on campus for three days and two nights of Wildcat activities for you and your child(ren) or grandchild(ren). K-State’s Grandparents University is...

Jefferson County Fair

Come check out our fair! Click here for the static exhibit schedule Click here for the livestock exhibit schedule If you have any questions, please...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Matthew Harder

Quantitative transcriptional input/output relationships in the Ciona notochord // Major Professor: Dr. Michael Veeman, Division of Biology

Virtual Event
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Nick Barts

Comparative physiology and the predictability of evoluation in extreme environments // Major Professor: Dr. Michi Tobler, Division of Biology

Virtual Event
Professional Science Master's Webinar

What makes a Professional Science Master (PSM) so unique and a great fit for professionals interested in moving up in their career? Tune in from your...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Seth Lickteig

Metagaming: Cognition in Gaming Environments and Syhstems // Major Professor Dr. Brad Burenheide, Curriculum and Instruction

Virtual Event
MG Advisory Board Meeting
Virtual Event

Tuesday, July 28