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Friday, August 14

Kansas State Polytechnic

This no-cost event is a time for you to meet K-State Polytechnic faculty, learn about support services available to you and engage in activities to build...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Zhongkan Ren

Organosilicon Polymer-Derived Ceramic Fibers: Fabrication and Molecular Stucture Investigations // Major Professor: Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Mechanical & Nuclear...

Advanced NVivo 12 Plus

This interactive presentation will address the following: any extant questions from the basic introduction of NVivo 12 Plus,how to set up qualitative data...

Virtual Event
Veterinary Medicine Career Transition Workshop

Join us for an online career transition workshop for veterinarians that will include information on career opportunities in public and corporate veterinary...

Virtual Event
Blazing Bridles 4-H Club Meeting & WyCo 4-H Horse Project

Blazing Bridles 4-H Community Club meetings are held monthly to teach youth the importance of leadership, parliamentary procedure, community service,...

Friday, August 14