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Monday, August 17

Fall 2020 Graduation Application opens

KSIS Graduation Application opens for all Fall candidates

Fall 2020 Late Enrollment Fee Begins

If the initial enrollment is on or after the first day of any term, a Late Enrollment Fee of $65 will be assessed.

Welcome Booths

Make sure to stop by the Welcome Booths on campus during the first two weeks of class to grab your K-State Welcome Bag stuffed with awesome goodies and...

Charles Lindsay: FIELD STATION 4

Exploration geologist, author, and artist-adventurer Charles Lindsay delves into earth’s geologic and cultural pasts. Along the way, he investigates...

Virtual Event
Voices of the West

Americans’ understanding of the history of the American West, including that of the Great Plains, has been significantly shaped by novels, movies, and...

Virtual Event
Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar

How to Be the Best Math Student You Can Be Marianne Korten, KSU Abstract: This talk collects what I wished I had known when I started college and what I...

Virtual Event
Vote 2020 Virtual Canvass - Climate & Energy Project

One of the most effective ways to increase voter turnout is for people to hear from someone they know about voting. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic people are...

Virtual Event

Monday, August 17