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Tuesday, September 1

Graduate Student Council (GSC) Travel award application deadline

The application deadline is the first of the month, two months prior to the month in which your event officially begins. The deadline is NOT two months prior...

Sign up for SNAP-Ed Nutrition Classes in Shawnee County

Don't know what to fix for dinner? LET US HELP YOU! Click HERE for information on FREE classes from SNAP-Ed. Classes on Planning and Fixing Healthy...

Virtual Event
K-State Powercat Logo

Introductory Meeting for the KAWSE Research and Writing Accountability Group September 1, 2020, 2:30 - 3:30 pm, Zoom Please RSVP by August 28th by 5pm to...

Virtual Event
GET ON THE MONEY Online Scavenger Hunt

Complete Powercat Financial's online scavenger hunt to learn about free financial education resources available to you at K-State! Three lucky winners will...

Virtual Event
Charles Lindsay: FIELD STATION 4

Exploration geologist, author, and artist-adventurer Charles Lindsay delves into earth’s geologic and cultural pasts. Along the way, he investigates...

Virtual Event
Voices of the West

Americans’ understanding of the history of the American West, including that of the Great Plains, has been significantly shaped by novels, movies, and...

Virtual Event
Seniors Eating Well

Seniors Eating Well is an interactive class for low-income, older adults to improve decision-making skills and personal nutrition and physical activity...

M.S. Defense Seminar-Chenhao Qian

Application of fluorescence spectroscopy and chemometrics to classify the spore level of nonfat dry milk and predict the process cheese emulsion properties

Virtual Event

Elza Mathew, Graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Anatomy & Physiology, Kansas State University will present the title “Characterizing the...

Virtual Event
UPC All Meeting

This event has been cancelled. Help plan 150+ fun and free events per year planned FOR students BY students. FREE food (while supplies last). Hear about...

Oskaloosa 4-H Leader Forum

4-H Club Leaders are invited to attend our Leader Forum. We will have discussion on wrapping up the currect 4-H year and kicking off the new 4-H year. If...

Tuesday, September 1