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Thursday, September 24

Carrie Zimmerman: Mental Health in the Age of COVID & Racial Unrest

How does mental health inform community and sense of belonging? What is your responsibility as a faculty member? What warning signs should I be looking for?...

Virtual Event
Foundations of Inclusion, Equity & Justice

Each of us have lenses through which we see ourselves and others. We’ll explore how filters such as age, race, gender, ability, and socioeconomic access...

Virtual Event
Carrie Zimmerman - Conflict of Freedom: Freedom of Speech vs. Academic Freedom

Conflict of Freedom: Freedom of Speech vs. Academic Freedom (faculty session) How does the invasion of Social Media influence what we say in the classroom...

Virtual Event
Animal Health Regulatory Affairs Certificate Webinar

Tune in from your computer to get an in-depth look at the new Animal Health Regulatory Affairs graduate certificate from faculty who leads the program....

Virtual Extension Master Gardener Trainings

Virtual Extension Master Gardener Trainings are held each Thursday September 3, and ending on December 17, from 1-4 p.m. with no class on Thanksgiving....

Virtual Event
GSC Professional Development – Exploring Non-Academic Job Opportunities Panel Discussion

A variety of job opportunities outside of academia exist for master's and doctoral degree holders. Graduate students and post-docs who are interested in a...

Virtual Event
M-Seminar: The Gamma Conjecture for the Tropical 1-cycles in Local Mirror Symmetry

Speaker: Junxiao Wang (Northwestern University) Abstract: The Gamma Conjecture in mirror symmetry relates central charges of dual objects. Mathematically,...

Virtual Event
Sidewalk Chalk Competition

Show off your art skills for a chance to win sweet prizes! Further details to be announced, including rules and inclement weather plans.

Thursday, September 24