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Tuesday, December 14

Southeast Region Winter FCS Program Day

Professional development for agents in the Southeast Area with Family and Consumer Sciences program responsibilities to network with others and improve...

Fire Extinguisher Training

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety suggests annual fire extinguisher training for all University employees. For the full description, visit...

Conflict of Interest

Information Coming Soon

Virtual Event
Stay Strong Stay Healthy in Hays

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy is an 8-week strengthening program to help older adults regain strength while improving their balance, flexibility and overall...

Two by Two: Animal Pairs

This exhibition features unique pairings of animals from the permanent collection, ranging from Pueblo pottery to farm animals by Regionalist artists to work...

Master of Agribusiness Information Webinar

Join us online for a free webinar about the Master of Agribusiness program with Program Coordinator Deborah Kohl and Admissions Representative Sarah...

Virtual Event
PROPOSAL SEMINAR: Investigating effects of virus infection on female Culicoides sonorensis midges

Our very last seminar speaker this semester is Edward Bird from the Department of Entomology (Interdepartmental Genetics), who will be giving his Ph.D....

Virtual Event

Tuesday, December 14