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Monday, May 24

KS SNAP-Ed Virtual

Kansas SNAP-Ed can help your family: Eat healthyBe more activeMake your food dollar go fartherClasses can be done at your own pace or with a group. See if...

Virtual Event
Knowledge-at-Noon Vaccination Awareness Series

Join members of the KSRE EXCITE - Vaccinate with Confidence task force for a Knowledge at Noon: Vaccination Awareness series on May 24, and June 7, (12 - 1...

Virtual Event
Summer 2021 Late Enrollment Fee Begins

If the initial enrollment is on or after the first day of any term, a Late Enrollment Fee of $65 will be assessed.

David Sang Su Ha

David Sang Su Ha will present his Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal, “Economic Analysis on Beef and Groundwater Market,” on Monday, May 24. Major Professor: Brian...

Leavenworth County 4-H Council

May 4-H Council Meeting to be held at the Tongnaoxie 4-H Building at the LVCO Fairgrounds. Glenwood 4-H Club is responsible for set-up/clean-up/refreshments.

Jefferson Co. 4-H Council

The Jefferson Co. 4-H Council is this evening. For more information contact Linda Gantz at 785-863-2212.

Monday, May 24