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Friday, July 16

KS SNAP-Ed Virtual

Kansas SNAP-Ed can help your family: Eat healthyBe more activeMake your food dollar go fartherClasses can be done at your own pace or with a group. See if...

Virtual Event
Horticulture Judging Contest

Time and Location To Be Determined

Summer Online Dining with Diabetes Begins

Dining with Diabetes Online - Wyandotte June 7- Sept. 7, 2021 The Dining with Diabetes Online course is provided by Kansas State University Research and...

Virtual Event
Market Wheat Show

Submit entries by Firday, July 16 at 12:00 noon. For more information, contact Walnut Creek District Ag Agent Chris Long at 785-798-3921

Opening Screen for NVivo

“Intro to NVivo” introduces the leading qualitative data analytics tool out there. This walk-through will introduce some basics about starting a project,...

Virtual Event

Friday, July 16