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Friday, July 16

KS SNAP-Ed Virtual

Kansas SNAP-Ed can help your family: Eat healthyBe more activeMake your food dollar go fartherClasses can be done at your own pace or with a group. See if...

Virtual Event
Horticulture Judging Contest

Time and Location To Be Determined

Summer Online Dining with Diabetes Begins

Dining with Diabetes Online - Wyandotte June 7- Sept. 7, 2021 The Dining with Diabetes Online course is provided by Kansas State University Research and...

Virtual Event
Market Wheat Show

Submit entries by Firday, July 16 at 12:00 noon. For more information, contact Walnut Creek District Ag Agent Chris Long at 785-798-3921

Two by Two: Animal Pairs

This exhibition features unique pairings of animals from the permanent collection, ranging from Pueblo pottery to farm animals by Regionalist artists to work...

Opening Screen for NVivo

“Intro to NVivo” introduces the leading qualitative data analytics tool out there. This walk-through will introduce some basics about starting a project,...

Virtual Event

Friday, July 16