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Monday, June 20

Horticulture Program Focus Team June Training

June Training is a mid-year event for the Horticulture PFT to focus on professional development and program needs.


Join us for the Spring Online Dining With Diabetes Online class series! This self-paced online course series helps individuals learn strategies to manage...

Virtual Event
K-State Supervisory Foundations Pillar I- Building Your Conflict Management Toolkit

Enhance your confidence in managing conflict within your department/unit by building your toolkit geared towards your supervisory role in responding to...

New Student Orientation - First Years

For first year and transfer students admitted for the fall semester, New Student Orientation is your next step to officially becoming a Wildcat.

Virtual Event
K-State Supervisory Foundations Pillar I- Collaborative Communication for Supervisors

This session focuses on communication and decision-making, highlighting ways that communication can facilitate or hinder collaborative decision-making...

Understanding University Processes and Evaluating Risks in Contracting

This session is designed to provide a brief overview of the new CLM system, updates to existing purchasing and contracting policies, risk framework operation...

Microsoft Excel L200

Take a dive into the intermediate features of Excel formatting, functions, and accessibility. Attendees taking this course should have a strong understanding...

Virtual Event
Contract Lifecycle Management and Risk Evaluation Training

The session will follow the General Overview and expand upon the topics in the General Overview session. In addition, it will cover the role and importance...

4-H Clover

The 4-H Dog Project practice are now happening. For more information contact Karen VanWinkle at 799-5747.

Monday, June 20