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Thursday, June 23

Horticulture Program Focus Team June Training

June Training is a mid-year event for the Horticulture PFT to focus on professional development and program needs.


Join us for the Spring Online Dining With Diabetes Online class series! This self-paced online course series helps individuals learn strategies to manage...

Virtual Event
Southeast Area Livestock Contests

Registration for Meats Contest starts at 7:30 at Woodson County Prime Meats, 702 W. Butler. Livestock Skillathon starts at 8am in the 4-H Community...

4-H Clover

Annual Livestock Contests in Woodson County includes Meats Contest, LIvestock Skillathon, and Livestock Judging Contest. $10 (payable at the door) includes...

New Student Orientation - First Years

For first year and transfer students admitted for the fall semester, New Student Orientation is your next step to officially becoming a Wildcat.

Virtual Event
Dial Gauge

Bring your Pressure Canner's Dial Gauge in for FREE Testing

Summer Cooking Class

Each day we will be preparing different parts of a meal while learning basic food preparation skills. We will also highlight nutrition, setting a table...

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Sanchit Sharma

Analysis of an advanced solid-state micro-structured radiation detector and its response validation for oil well logging experiments // Co-Major Professors:...

Microsoft Outlook L100

This course illustrates how to use Outlook to keep daily schedules, communicate, collaborate, and stay organized. Attendees will expand their understanding...

Virtual Event

Thursday, June 23