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Sunday, February 19

Citizenship In Action

Would you like to have more influence in laws and rules that affect your life? Then you’ll want to go to Kansas 4-H Citizenship in Action! This two day event...

 Picture of Resource Link signage with graphic art that says "Tutoring"

Tutoring Service appointments through the Academic Achievement Center will be held in the Resource Link on the first floor of Hale Library every Sunday from...

A Number by Caryl Churchill

Content Advisory: Contains references to suicide. Synopsis: Human cloning is the subject of this beguiling hour-long psychological thriller that blends...

STEM - Rocketry meetings

Rocketry meetings will begin Sunday, February 19 and March 19, 3:00 PM at the Valley Falls Fairgrounds. Contact the Allen family at sra3193@gmail.com for...

Sunday, February 19