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Friday, February 24

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Manoj Gadhwal

Precision irrigation management through thermal and multispectral remote sensing systems and analytical techniques// Major Professor: Dr. Ajay Sharda,...

Kansas Local Meat Marketing Workshop

The Kansas Local Meat Marketing Workshops will help small scale meat, poultry, and egg producers capitalize on the growing demand for local food. Attend to...

Voices: Women Artists in the Era of Second Wave Feminism

The fight for suffrage propelled the first wave feminism of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During the 1960s and 1970s a new generation of women took...

Coffee Shop - Wildlife Management & Wildlife Damage Control

The second Coffee Shop Program will be held from 10:30 am - Noon at The Farmhouse in Riley, KS. Speaker: Drew Rickets, KSU Extension Wildlife...

Legislative Review Session

During the 2023 Kansas Legislative Session, the Office of Government Relations will again host weekly Legislative Review Sessions every Friday during the...

ETDR Landing Page at K-State

Come explore how to use the templates for master’s theses and reports, and doctoral dissertations (in both the Microsoft Word and LaTeX formats). This is...

Virtual Event
Defense of Doctorate Dissertation: Katy Silber

Under the weather: mechanisms underlying avian responses to precipitation // Major Professor: Dr. Alice Boyle, Division of Biology

Topology seminar: Multigraphical Hyperplane Arrangements and Parking Functions II

Speaker: Mikhail Mazin (KSU) Abstract: Last time I introduced the Shi and extended Shi arrangements and explained how one can count the number of regions...

4-H Market Beef Weigh-in  @ Seneca

Beef Weigh-In Schedule Please find the beef weigh-in scheduled for the Seneca Veterinary Clinic: 3:30-4:15 - Woodlawn Meadowlarks, HHHH, Achievers...

Friday, February 24