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Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Katelyn Tietzen

With and without the Kremlin: Iraqi military and diplomatic interventions, 1968-2003 // Major Professor: Dr. Donald Mrozek, Department of History

11/4 10am
Advanced NVivo 12 Plus

This follow-on training to the earlier introduction to NVivo 12 Plus addresses some of the more complex uses of the tool, such as to process interview and...

11/8 1:30pm
Exploring Advanced Features of Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a cloud-based online survey tool used across a broad range of research. This session will cover some of the more complex aspects of Qualtrics...

11/22 1:30pm
Exploring Microsoft Excel (Basic)

An open training will be held for "Exploring Microsoft Excel (Basic)," a tool available to all K-Staters through Office 365. This event will be held from...

2/7/2020 1:30pm
Microsoft Visio Pro Training

All are welcome to attend a Microsoft Visio Pro Training. Special licensure is required for this software. A Zoom link will be available by request.

2/21/2020 1:30pm

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