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Calvin Hall

Building Code


Upcoming Events

Exploring Microsoft Excel (Basic)

An open training will be held for "Exploring Microsoft Excel (Basic)," a tool available to all K-Staters through Office 365. This event will be held from...

2/7/2020 1:30pm
Microsoft Visio Pro Training

All are welcome to attend a Microsoft Visio Pro Training. Special licensure is required for this software. A Zoom link will be available by request.

2/21/2020 1:30pm
Tapping Social Media with NCapture and NVivo 12 Plus

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and others, enable the extraction of some of the available data for learning and analytics. This...

3/27/2020 1:30pm
Advanced NVivo 12 Plus

This follow-on training to the earlier introduction to NVivo 12 Plus addresses some of the more complex uses of the tool, such as to process interview and...

4/10/2020 1:30pm
Exploring Advanced Features of Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a cloud-based online survey tool used across a broad range of research. This session will cover some of the more complex aspects of Qualtrics...

4/24/2020 1:30pm

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