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Defense of Doctorate Dissertation: Shams Eladawy

Development of STEM professionals when integrating education research and physics public engagement into their careers // Major Professor: Dr. Eleanor Sayre,...

3/30 11am
Defense of Doctorate Dissertation: Amogh Sirnoorkar

Development and analysis of assessments that promote sensemaking in physics // Major Professor: Dr. James Laverty, Department of Physics

3/31 11:30am
Defense of Doctorate Dissertation:  Lydia de Wolf

Development of the theory of Kumjian-Pask fibrations, their path groupoids, and their C -algrebras // Major Professor: Dr. Sarah Reznikoff, Mathematics

4/3 1pm
Topology seminar: Polyak-Viro type formulas for high dimensional knots and links

Speaker: Neeti Gauniyal (KSU) Abstract: I will talk about the problem of finding a high dimensional analogue to Polyak-Viro type formulas given in the...

4/3 2:30pm
Defense of Doctorate Dissertation:  Shulei Cao

Cosmological constraints from standardized non-CMB observations // Major Professor: Dr. Bharat Ratra, Physics

4/6 4pm

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