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Applied Math Seminar: Making Sense of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Adverse Event Reporting Using Machine Learning

Speaker: Xuan Xu (K-State) Abstract: Drug-associated adverse events cause approximately 30 billion dollars a year of added health care expenses, along with...

11/15 3:30pm
Undergraduate Mathematics Lecture

Engineering Imagination and Additive ManufacturingScott JohnstonBoeing Abstract: Engineering and Imagination are sometimes at odds with each other, which is...

11/18 1:30pm
Physics Colloquium by Yong-Le Pan CCDC-Army Research Laboratory on Real-time detection and characterization of biological and chemical aerosol particles at a trace level in atmosphere

Atmospheric aerosol particles play an important role in climate and health. Detection and characterization of aerosol particles, especially the particular...

11/18 4:30pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Jianxiong Li

Spatiotemporally resolved photoemission from plasmonic nanoparticles // Major Professor: Dr. Uwe Thumm, Department of Physics

12/5 10am

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