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Center for Student Involvement

Center for Student Involvement

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Upcoming Events

APDesign ENVD Welcome

All new APDesign students are invited to join our deans and Peer Educators as we welcome them to the College.

8/25 2pm
New Student Convocation

Kansas State University formally welcomes first year students to the university and provides an introduction to the campus community. Students will be...

8/25 5:45pm
Kickoff Pep Rally and Social

Following convocation, new and returning students are invited to a pep rally at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The event will include a free dinner and the...

8/25 6:45pm
Air Force ROTC and Eagle Communications Week of Welcome

Week of Welcome - Air Force ROTC & Eagle Communications (KQLA) will set up canopies and tables on the east side of Bosco Plaza. Eagle Communications will...

8/26 6am
Welcome Booths

Looking for directions? Need a break? Thirsty? Hungry? Stop by the welcome booths for free cold drinks, insomnia cookies, and friendly volunteers to help you...

8/26 8am

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