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Doctoral Defense

Doctoral Defense

Upcoming Events

Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Michael Vick

Cultural Identity in Military Adult Education Leadership Programs, Major Professor Dr. Jeffrey Zacharakis, Adult Learning and Leadership

1/25 3pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Sagar Rayamajhi

Engineering synthetic and natural vesicular system for tumor-targeted drug delivery // Major Professor: Dr. Santosh Aryal, Department of Chemistry

1/29 4pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Yinhao Du

Penalized variable selection for gene-environment interactions // Major Professor: Dr. Cen Wu, Department of Statistics

2/3 2:30pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Paulina Maldonado Ruiz

Adaptation to environmental stress in the lone star tick, Ambiyomma americanum: osmoregulation, thermoregulation, and microbiome // Major Professor:...

2/4 9am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Richard Dell'Isola

Value congruence, goal congruence, and conflict as predictors of early marital disruption // Major Profressor Dr. Jared Durtschi, Couple and Family Therapy

2/26 8:30am

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