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Doctoral Defense

Doctoral Defense

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Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Weston Koehn

Novel Hydrogeologic Characterization Methods: Utilizing the Analytic Element Method in Hydrogeophysical Studies // Co-Major Professors: Dr. Stacey Kulesza...

1/24 9am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Donghyun Moon

Essays on Attribute Inattention Choice Behavior // Major Professor, Dr. Glynn Tonsor, Agricultural Economics

1/24 9:30am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Wasundara Hulangamuwa

Synthetic efforts towards the natural products brocazine F and G // Major Professor: Dr. Ryan Rafferty, Department of Chemistry

1/27 1pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Frank Magwegwe

An empirical investigation of financial strain and other predictors of worry about running out of money in retirement // Major Professor Dr. Maurice...

1/29 3pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Sylvester Badua

Downforce control system response for seed placement accuracy on row crop planters // Major Professor: Dr. Ajay Sharda, Biological & Agricultural Engineering

1/31 8am

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