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Doctoral Defense

Doctoral Defense

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Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Joshua Maher

Reducing Escherichia coli 0157:H7 in Agriculture: Interventions for Cattle and Romaine Lettuce // Major Professor: Dr. Sara Gragg, Animal Sciences & Industry

4/6 8:30am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Michelle Busk- Washburn

Examining manifestations of power in couples: influence tactics, self-concept, and well being across time // Major Professor Dr. Amber Vennum, Couple and...

4/6 10am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Jessie Piper

Making sense of loss, stress, resilience, empowerment, perception of resources, and health in grandparents raising grandchildren // Co-Major Professors Dr....

4/6 11am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Meghnath Pokharel

Physiological characterization of winter canola under heat and drought stress during flowering and pod-filling stages // Major Professor: Dr. S. V. Krishna...

4/6 1pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Abdullah Masmali

A mixed methods study of examining the concerns of Saudi Arabian middle and secondary school teachers in adopting the future // Major Professor Dr. Kay Ann...

4/6 1:30pm

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