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Doctoral Defense

Doctoral Defense

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Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Indhujah Thevarajan

Effects of missense mutations on protein function in human disease: Tumor suppressor p53 and AAA+ ATPase CLPB // Dr. Michal Zolkiewski, Department of...

10/1 1pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Shane Enete

Three essays on the relationship between emotions and financial resources // Major Professor Dr. Martin Seay, Personal Financial Planning

10/6 12pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - William Brown

Association of acute-phase proteins with feed intake in transition dary cows, and factors affecting feed quality and digestibility // Major Professor: Dr....

10/7 8:30am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Balaji Aravindhan Pandian

Physiological, genetic and genomic analyses of herbicide resistance in grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) // Major Professor: Dr. Mithila Jugulam, Agronomy

10/16 8:30am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Hazhar Sufi Karimi

Dynamic Compressive Sensing with Measurement Loss/Delay and Hybrid Dynamics // Major Professor: Dr. Bala Natarajan, Electrical & Computer Engineering

10/23 11am

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