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Doctoral Defense

Doctoral Defense

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Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Qiang Wang

Wall-crossing structures in Seiberg-Witten integrable systems // Major Professor: Dr. Yan Soibelman, Department of Mathematics

10/21 3:30pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Anna Melikyan

Random spanning trees on homogeneous graphs // Major Professor: Dr. Pietro Poggi-Corradini, Department of Mathematics

10/25 12:30pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Becatien Yao

Digital Payments, Transaction Costs, and Household Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa // Major Professor: Dr. Aleksan Shanoyan, Agricultural Economics

10/28 8:30am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Eric Lawrence

Understanding the learning experiences of developmental math students // Major Professor Dr. Sherri Martinie, Curriculum and Instruction

10/28 9am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Irina Tarabrina

Addressing idiom avoidance in culturally and linguistically diverse students through biography-driven instruction // Major Professor Dr. Socorro Herrera,...

10/29 8:30am

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