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Doctoral Defense

Doctoral Defense

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Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Shilpa Hebbar

Uncovering miRNA regulatory mechanisms through functional assessment of miRNA-centered complexes during C. elegans development // Major Professor: Dr. Anna...

7/12 1pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Jun Huang

Histone modification dynamics and genome engineering in Magnaporthe oryzae // Major Professor: Dr. David Cook, Plant Pathology

7/19 1pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Mingman Sun

Physics-based modeling and experimental investigation of ultrasonic and laser-assisted manufacturing // Major Professor: Dr. Meng Zhang, Industrial &...

7/27 2pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Wardah Mustahsan

Characterization of stripe rust resistance and yield-related traits in an 'overley x overalnd' population // Co-Major Professors: Dr. Romulo Lollato and Dr....

7/28 12pm

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