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Food Science Institute

Food Science Institute

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Upcoming Events

M.S. Defense Seminar-Melanie Heermann

Development of food processing laboratory exercises as a method for providing undergraduate research experience.

10/22 9:30am
M.S Defense Seminar-Macy (Sherwin) Shelton

An overview of sodium reduction policy in the United States and its impact on the food industry.

10/25 8:30am
MS Defense-Kyler Pratt

An overview of methods and carrier considerations for encapsulation of sensitive food ingredients

10/25 10am
M.S Defense Seminar-Austin Driscoll

Impact of Intrinsic factors & encapsulation on probiotic viability in beverages

10/30 12:30pm
M.S. Defense-Bennett Uhl

Development and characterization of nanovesicles and colloidosomes for small-molecule delivery


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