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Food Science Institute

Food Science Institute

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Upcoming Events

MS Defense Seminar-Carol Civettini

Sodium Reduction Strategies in Yeast-raised Wheat Flour Breads

3/23 8am
MS Defense Seminar-Alysha Kane

Alternate Proteins and Ingredient Substitutes for Gluten in Gluten-Free Bread

3/24 9am
MS Defense Seminar-Sonia Ureles

Staling Effects in Cakes Formulated with Hydrocolloids

3/28 9:30am
MS Defense Seminar-Rebecca Stayner

Antioxidant efficacy of lipid oxidation during frozen pork fat shelf life

3/30 8:30am
MS Defense Seminar-Jordan Drummond

Methods for extending post-harvest shelf life of vegetables

3/31 9am

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