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Graduate School

Graduate School

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Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Ananth Palani

A fast penalty-based gauss-seidel method for solving large-scale stochastic network constrained unit committment problems // Major Professor: Dr. Hongyu Wu,...

7/23 1pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Joshua Miller

Generalized Pak-Stanley labeling for Multigraphical Hyperplane Arrangements for n=3 // Major Professor: Dr. Mikhail Mazin, Department of Mathematics

7/23 1pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Linus Addae

Mean-weighted case specific random forests for estimating casual effects // Major Professor: Dr. Michael Higgins, Statistics

7/23 2pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Justin Deblauw

The Use of Heart Rate Variability for Exercise Prescription and Performance// Major Professor Dr. Katie Heinrich, Kinesiology

7/26 11am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Hannah Shear

Kansas cow-calf production efficiency // Major Professor: Dr. Dustin Pendell, Agricultural Economics

7/26 2pm

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