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Graduate School

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Condensation heat transfer performance and prediction of low global warming potential R134a alternative refrigerants // Major Professor: Dr. Melanie Derby,...

12/9 2:30pm

The Graduate School invites graduate program directors, faculty, and staff to a celebratory Brown Bag session with coffee and cookies! As we conclude our...

12/13 11:30am

Come explore how to use the templates for master’s theses and reports, and doctoral dissertations (in both the Microsoft Word and LaTeX formats). This is...

12/13 1pm

Integrating canopy dynamics, soil moisture, and soil physical properties to improve irrigation scheduling in turfgrass systems // Major Professor: Dr. Dale...

12/13 2pm

Prostate cancer, exercise, and the heart: Therapeutic implications & cardiovascular complications // Major Professor: Dr. Bradley Behnke, Kinesiology

12/17 9am

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