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Graduate School

Graduate School

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Defense of Doctoral Dissertation: Prathibha Desman

Balgacyclamides: Total synthesis, and applications into solving complex biological problems // Major Professor: Dr. Ryan Rafferty, Department of Chemistry

7/14 10am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Jia Liang

Adequacy checking for the variance function in nonparametric regression // Major Professor: Dr. Weixing Song, Department of Statistics

7/15 9am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Cogan Shimizu

Advancing modular ontology engineering: Tools & methodology // Major Professor: Dr. Pascal Hitzler, Computer Science

7/15 10am
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Mark Wilcox

Our treaty on conventional Armed Forces in Europe and Russian foreign and security policy // Co-Major Professor: Andrew Long, Department of Political Science...

7/16 1pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation:  Jan Todd

New religious immigrants in the Great Plains: A study of mostly white congregations receiving foreign-born pastors // Major Professor: Dr. Matthew Sanderson,...

7/17 10am

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