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Horticulture and Natural Resources, Department of

Horticulture and Natural Resources, Department of

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Upcoming Events

K-State Garden Hour: Growing To New Heights With Vertical Gardening

​​​​​​Make the most of your garden by growing up, instead of out. Create vertical gardens to get your garden off of the ground, provide more space for...

4/5 12pm
K-State Garden Hour: Drought Tolerant Plants For A Challenging Kansas Landscape

​​​​​​The Kansas climate throws numerous extremes at our landscape plants. The most common climate extreme is periods of drought, which are difficult for...

5/3 12pm
K-State Garden Hour: Drought Tolerant Lawns Of Kansas - Warm Season Turfgrasses

​​​​​​Kansas weather is extreme, but summers are frequently hot and dry. Join Dr. Ross Braun, Assistant Professor of Turfgrass and Landscape Management, as...

6/7 12pm
K-State Garden Hour: Solutions To Your Top Garden Insect & Disease Problems

​​​​​​Insects, diseases, and weather related problems are always an issue in the landscape & garden. Judy O'Mara, Director of the K-State Plant Disease...

7/5 12pm
K-State Garden Hour: Integrating Native Plants Into Your Home Landscape

Native plants are growing in popularity in the home landscape. Dr. Sharon Ashworth, Douglas County Horticulture & Natural Resources Extension Agent, will...

8/2 12pm

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