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Housing and Dining Services

Housing and Dining Services

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Summer Residence Hall Contract Opens

The Summer Housing Contract for the upcoming summer is available to be filled out and submitted beginning now. Summer housing is a flexible, week-to-week...

4/1 9am
Room Selection Time Sent to New Residence Hall Residents

Incoming residents will receive an email that will indicate when they'll be able to select their new room.

4/5 3pm
Room Selection for CAT Community Residents Begins

Residence Hall residents of CAT Communities will be able to select their rooms on or after this date. Visit your Resident Portal to view the date and time....

4/15 3pm
End of Jardine Hybrid Apartment Agreements

Jardine Hybrid Apartment agreements end today and residents are required to finish moving and complete the check-out process before 3 p.m.

5/31 3pm
Last Day to Cancel Fall Residence Hall Contract Without Penalties

Today is the last day to cancel a Residence Hall contract without receiving any penalties. Canceling after this day can result in the partial or full loss of...


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