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Fun with Food Science - Virtual Summer Camp

Fun with Food Science: Dairy Discovery | July 6-10 Do you like to cook (and eat)? This camp is for the junior scientist who wants to know the how and why of...

7/13 10am
Hospitality Management Bachelor's Degree Completion Informational Webinar

Interested in finishing what you've started? Want to be a part of a growing industry? Join us for a brief program presentation from our faculty, Dr. Brett...

7/14 5:30pm
Professional Science Master's Webinar

What makes a Professional Science Master (PSM) so unique and a great fit for professionals interested in moving up in their career? Tune in from your...

7/28 12pm
The Hot Zone & COVID-19: A Cautionary Tale

Science teachers are invited to a special professional development opportunity with scientists Drs. Jerry and Nancy Jaax, who are featured in the book and...

8/10 9am
K-State Olathe Academic Program Information Session

Join us for an information session to meet our faculty, learn about our graduate degrees and certificate programs, and discover how K-State Olathe can help...

8/11 6pm

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