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KSRE Brown County

KSRE Brown County

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4-H Clover

Meeting for members and representatives of Brown County 4-H Council.

4/3 7pm
First Friday

Kansas AirBNB owners will share their experiences with AirBNBs as a support for small towns, trails, and other local attractions. The purpose of the First...

4/7 9:30am
First Friday

Paul Cloutier, Partner and Co-Founder, will tell how A Bolder Humboldt is reimagining our 165-year-old rural Kansas town for a new generation of vibrancy and...

5/5 9:30am
First Friday

Bradford Wiles, Associate Professor, Applied Human Sciences, will tell about K-State's work to provide guidance and resources to local community...

6/2 9:30am
First Friday

Luke Mahin, owner Irrigation Ales and Kelly Gourley, Lincoln County ED will share their experiences with revitalizing rural downtowns. Mahin will speak of...

7/7 9:30am

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