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KSRE Johnson County

KSRE Johnson County

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MIND stands for the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. Come learn more about this dietary pattern and how its compilation of both...

4/15 6pm
Medicare Basics - Virtual via Zoom

Educational class for adults who are 65 and older, newly retired or considering retirement soon. This program covers the 4 basic parts of Medicare and helps...

4/20 5:30pm
Sleep—Want It, Need It, Get It

Sleep is so important for our health. We’ll discuss all the ways sleep is good for us and discuss strategies on developing successful sleep habits. Fee is...

4/20 6pm
Gardening in the Shade

The Kansas landscape is full of sunny, wide-open, prairie spaces, but gardening in the shade offers many opportunities. Though limited light and tree root...

4/21 12pm
High Style Container Gardens

Container gardens are some of the most versatile plantings. They brighten up an entryway or bring into focus areas of interest in the landscape. Karen Lyman,...

4/21 6:30pm

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