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KSRE Leavenworth County

KSRE Leavenworth County

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Upcoming Events

Bucket Calf Practice Show

The Leavenworth County Beef Improvement Association is helping with the practice show this year. Be sure to keep working with your calves, join us on the...

7/21 1pm
4-H Modeling Practice

A modeling practice is going to be held for those who plan to take part in Fashion Revue. That includes the fair classes under "Events 4-H Fashion Revue...

7/21 3pm
Photography Meeting

Bring your prints for the LVCO Fair and learn how (or be reminded) to correctly mount your photos. If images are mounted incorrectly, your photo will...

7/23 6:30pm

This is the date we set up the fairgrounds. Everyone reports to the Show Arena for assignments.

7/28 8am

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