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KSRE Leavenworth County 4H

KSRE Leavenworth County 4H

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Upcoming Events

Goat Project Meeting

Meeting topics:Goat Health - things to look for and how to treatFundraising opportunitiesUpcoming events

4/20 7pm
Poultry Club Meeting

This meeting will cover poultry basics, showmanship, and breed identification. It will also cover the different poultry classes for fair entries. Remember...

4/29 6pm
Oz-Some 4-H Camp Counselor Application deadline

Oz-Some 4-H Camp is at Rock Springs in Junction City, KS. Camp will be June 24th-27th with mandatory counselor training on June 23rd. Your 4-H age must be...

Leavenworth County Spring Livestock Show - Sheep . . . Swine . . . Goats

Livestock Show for Sheep, Swine, and Goats. Sponsored by Jim & Leroy Elder Family Farms PLEASE NOTE: Cooper Carlisle has been secured as the Sheep/Goat...

5/16 7am
Leavenworth County 4-H Council

May 4-H Council Meeting to be held at the Tongnaoxie 4-H Building at the LVCO Fairgrounds. Glenwood 4-H Club is responsible for set-up/clean-up/refreshments.

5/24 7pm

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