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KSRE Leavenworth County Health Nutrition Food Safety

KSRE Leavenworth County Health Nutrition Food Safety

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Upcoming Events

Club Day Registration Deadline

DEADLINE to turn in registrations to take part in Club Day (held February 8 at Church of the Open Door; Leavenworth KS)

1/24 8am
Leavenworth County 4-H Council Meeting

Meeting for LVCO 4-H Council. Set-up, clean-up, and refreshments are the responsibility of the Bell 4-H Club.

1/27 7pm
YQCA Face-to-face training

Check in begins at 5:30 pm; class begins at 6:00 pm. You MUST pre-register. You MUST be an active 4-Her within 4honline to register for this class. You...

2/6 5:30pm
LVCO 4-H Club Day

An event that is open to all currently enrolled 4-H members as well as Cloverbuds. This is an opportunity to share talents, develop skills that put you...

2/8 8:30am
Leavenworth County Youth Leaders Meeting

Regular meeting for youth leaders.

2/20 6:30pm

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