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KSRE Meadowlark 4-H

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Upcoming Events

Kansas 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes

Kansas 4-H members, come display your livestock industry knowledge by participating the state 4-H livestock Sweepstakes, August 24-25! This includes the...

KSRE Meadlowlark District Offices Closed

Our offices are closed today for Labor Day.

Kansas State Fair Entry Deadline - NOON

Your Kansas State Fair 4-H exhibits are due to your local office by noon today! Check with your local office if you have any questions.

9/5 8am
Kansas State Fair

Come join us at the Kansas State Fair September 6th - 15th!

4-H Exchange Trip Informational Meeting

Like to travel, explore new places and make new friends? The 4-H Exchange Trip may be just for you! The group just traveled to Pennsylvania this past July,...

9/23 6:30pm

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Amy Haverkamp

Amy Haverkamp posted a photo 2/5/2019