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KSRE Meadowlark 4-H

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Upcoming Events

Nemaha Co. 4-H Rabbit Show - POSTPONED

This event is postponed! For more information contact Valerie Edelman at 785-285-1204 or Emily Stoller at 785-548-6303.

4/4 9am
4-H Dog Practices @Seneca

The 4-H Dog practices in Seneca have been cancelled until after May 16.

Horticulture Workshop - Cancelled

This event has been cancelled! Topic of discussion is contatiner gardens. This is open to everyone from 12 to 99. For more information contact Linda at...

4/6 6pm
4-H Dog Practice @ Holton

Practices will start February 11 at 7 PM in the Northeast Kansas Heritage Complex. From there on weekly practices will be on Tuesday evenings. Please be sure...

4/7 7pm
Jackson 4-H Council Meeting - POSTPONED!!

This meeting has been postponed! For more information contact Cara at 785-364-4125.

4/9 7pm

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Amy Haverkamp

Amy Haverkamp posted a photo 2/5/2019