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KSRE Post Rock District

KSRE Post Rock District

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Upcoming Events

K-State Calving School

REGISTER HERE - This program will outline overall calving management and increase knowledge, practical skills, and your number of live calves raised.

1/23 6pm
Nutrient Management Update Meeting

REGISTER HERE- Come and join us to update your knowledge on fertility management for your cropland with K-State Research and Extension agronomists! CCA and...

1/28 3pm
2020 Winter Ranch Management Seminar Series

REGISTER HERE - Any and all beef cattle producers welcome! We will be discussing a variety of beef topics focused on development and implementation of profit...

2/11 5:30pm
Those Challenging Weeds

REGISTER HERE - Come and join us for a "Weed Update Management Meeting" featuring K-State Research and Extension specialists with topics: Weed management in...

2/19 3pm
Farmers' Markets 2020 Regional Workshop: Beloit

REGISTER HERE - Farmers' markets are growing across the state and continue to be an important source of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and other...

2/28 9am

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