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KSRE Post Rock District

KSRE Post Rock District

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It is the time of year for many of you to think about attending training to renew your license. The Pesticide Safety and IPM trainings will be held in a...

11/12 9am
2020 Officer Training

REGISTER HERE - Registration deadline, November 10 at 11:59pm Investigate new roles, Innovate new ways, Inspire to make the best better.

11/13 6:30pm
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A once a year opportunity to review your coverage for the coming year. Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas is available through the Post Rock...

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Russell - December, 8th - Fossil Creek Hotel, Dole-Specter Conference Center Phillipsburg - December, 9th - Huck Boyd Community Center Oakley - December,...

12/10 7:50am

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