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KSRE Riley County

KSRE Riley County

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Starting Seeds at Home

Temperature, light and timing are keys to growing your own plants indoors. Come join in on the learning and sharing.

1/25 10am
Milford Nature Center

Program - "Birds of Prey" presented by Milford Nature Center Staff Meal 6:30 pm - $20 membership, includes steak dinner ($15.00 per person for additional...

1/27 6:30pm
Corral Maintenance

Coffee shop meeting presented by Will Boyer, K-State Research & Extension Watershed Specialist. Reservations are appreciated by noon the day before the...

1/30 10:30am
Cooking Under Pressure

Cooking Under Pressure is an educational program that teaches: - Benefits of cooking with an electric pressure cooker, - How to use the appliance how to...

1/30 5:30pm
Pollinator Garden

Plant for our pollinators

1/30 7pm

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