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KSRE Sedgwick Co Horticulture

KSRE Sedgwick Co Horticulture

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Growing Growers ICT - Farm business and financial management workshop

Farm finances may seem really daunting, but learning to navigate the ins and outs can be critical for your farm's success! Luke Snow of FarmShop LLC will...

5/10 1pm
K-State Garden Hour:  Xeriscaping - Beautiful Landscapes with Less Water

Speaker: Ariel Whitely-Noll, Shawnee County Horticulture Extension Agent Water is a precious resource in Kansas, and around the world. Learn how to...

5/19 12pm
Growing Growers ICT - Farm tour at Legacy GardenWorks

Join our next farm tour at Legacy GardenWorks! This unique farm in Wichita's South Central neighborhood focuses on youth development. The high school youth...

5/27 4pm
K-State Garden Hour:  Effective Irrigation

The million-dollar question for every gardener is, "How much water does it need?" This can be one of the hardest questions to answer because the correct...

6/2 12pm
K-State Garden Hour:  Native Plants to Support Native Bees

In support of National Pollinator Week next week, we wanted to highlight that there are over 4,000 species of native and solitary bees in the United States...

6/16 12pm

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