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KSRE Sedgwick County

KSRE Sedgwick County

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Keep your body and mind functioning at its best. Regular participation in strength exercise can help you build muscle and increase bone density. This is an...

1/2/2020 9:30am
Dining with Diabetes Class

Dining with Diabetes is a series of four classes, that help individuals learn strategies to manage their diabetes through menu planning, carbohydrate...

The Foodscape Revolution

The Design & Grow Gardening Workshop will be packed with ideas and information for beginning and longtime gardeners, alike. It is an opportunity to learn...

2/1/2020 9am
Entrepreneurship Workshop

Join us for a series of speakers and breakout sessions that will help you grow your local food business. Sessions include business resiliency, business...

2/7/2020 9:30am
Market Workshop

Gain production and marketing skills to benefit your business at a local farmers' market. Topics include farmers' market food safety and vendor training,...

2/8/2020 8:45am

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