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KSRE Sedgwick County

KSRE Sedgwick County

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RESCHEDULED:  Insect, disease, and weed management workshop

Growing Growers 6th workshop for the season. Please note the new date and time. Workshop via ZOOM. Click here to register.

7/14 1pm
K-State Garden Hour:  Hydrangeas for the Garden

Hydrangeas are a popular garden plant, providing plenty of season-long summer color. Unfortunately, with the ever-changing Kansas climate, hydrangeas can...

7/15 12pm
K-State Garden Hour:  Pesticide Label Safety

Unlock the truth about pesticides and separate fact from internet fiction. Lynn Loughary, Wyandotte County Horticulture Extension Agent, will walk you...

7/22 12pm
K-State Garden Hour:  How to Choose Potting Media for Gardening Success

Selecting a bag of potting media at the garden center can be a confusing experience. Fortunately, there is solid science behind engineering quality soils...

7/29 12pm
TENTATIVE - Planting in Fall for Spring Color

Speaker: Butch Ewing Nothing signals the end of winter better than color in your landscape. To enjoy spring color you need to plan ahead, and now is the...

7/30 6pm

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