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KSRE Sedgwick County

KSRE Sedgwick County

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Upcoming Events

2021 Turf & Ornamentals Field Day -  Rocky Ford Turfgrass Research Center

The Kansas Turf & Ornamentals Field Day program is designed for all segments of the turf and ornamentals industry - lawn care, athletic fields, golf courses,...

8/5 8:30am
Fall Gardening:  Turning Dirt into Soil - The Miracle of the Microbes

Speaker: Lori Lohrenz, Sedgwick County Extension Master Gardener Fall brings an opportunity to lay the foundation for next year's garden through soil...

8/5 6pm
A taste of local

Let’s eat local! Join W and K-State Research and Extension — Sedgwick County to celebrate National Farmers Market Week and discover how you can support our...

8/6 11:30am
Fall Gardening:  Perennials - The Garden's Foundation

Speaker: Karen Sanders-West, Sedgwick County Extension Master Gardener Plants that grow from year to year in your garden are critical for structure and...

8/12 6pm
Wheat Pre-Plant Meeting

Have your last minute wheat production questions answered by our K-State Extension Wheat Specialist, Romulo Lollato. Coffee and donuts will be provided! ...

8/17 8:30am

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