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Mathematics, Department of

Mathematics, Department of

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Upcoming Events

Combinatorics Seminar: Painted tropical hypersurfaces. Gabe Kerr, KSU

The associahedra and multiplihedra are families of polytopes which serve as a combinatorial model for A_infty algebras and morphisms. It has long been known...

3/22 3:30pm
M-Seminar:  Virasoro constraints in sheaf theory

Speaker: Miguel Moreira (ETH) Abstract: Virasoro constraints for Gromov-Witten invariants have a rich history tied to the very beginning of the subject,...

3/23 3:30pm
Topology seminar: Polyak-Viro type formulas for high dimensional knots and links

Speaker: Neeti Gauniyal (KSU) Abstract: I will talk about the problem of finding a high dimensional analogue to Polyak-Viro type formulas given in the...

3/27 2:30pm
M-Seminar:  Structural features of 3d mirror symmetry

Speaker: Benjamin Gammage (Harvard University) Abstract: "Homological" 3d mirror symmetry is an equivalence between the Kapustin-Rozansky-Saulina...

3/30 3:30pm
Forty-First Annual Friends of Mathematics Lecture

Allen Knutson, Professor of Mathematics at Cornell University, will present a colloquium titled “Schubert Calculus and Puzzles” as part of the Mathematics...

4/4 2:30pm

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