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Mathematics, Department of

Mathematics, Department of

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Combinatorics Seminar: Homology of the Rational Matroid Complex in Degree <=8, Jacob Bucciarelli, Kansas State University

A matroid is a combinatorial object which abstracts notions of independence appearing across mathematics. As a part of his work on non-commutative symplectic...

12/5 1:30pm
M-Seminar: Universally counting curves in Calabi--Yau threefolds

Speaker: John Pardon (Simons Center) Abstract: Enumerating curves in algebraic varieties traditionally involves choosing a compactification of the space of...

12/6 12:30pm
Combinatorics Seminar: Ehrhart Polynomials of Base Polytopes of Lattice Path Matroids, Dania Morales, University of Kansas

Given an integer polytope P in R^n, the Ehrhart polynomial of P is a fundamental polytopal invariant that enumerates integer lattice points contained in all...

12/6 3:30pm

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