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Powercat Financial

Powercat Financial

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K-State 360

This online Zoom session will show students how to utilize CashCourse.org, the free online financial program to learn about finances and get the most out of...

2/3 4pm
K-State 360

This workshop is required to complete the K-State 360 College Financial Planning Badge and will be offered monthly through out the semester. Students will...

2/4 4pm
Pop-Up to Powercat Financial

Pop-Up to Powercat Financial on the Union 3rd floor with a money question or concern and receive a free soda. No appointment is necessary on Pop-Up Friday!...

2/7 9am
Love & Money Seminar

Congratulations! Are you beginning to think about what it looks like to combine your finances with your partner? There are a number of things to consider:...

2/11 6:30pm
Spring Break NOT Spring Broke

Powercat Financial and WellCAT Ambassadors will host interactive games and activities to help students learn healthy tips for their Spring Break vacation....

2/27 12pm

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