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4-H Officer Training - Oskaloosa

What is the purpose of 4-H Officer Training? Clubs with a strong officer team know the importance of a well-trained, cohesive officer group to a 4-H club, but what are the reasons why?
To teach officers their specific officer responsibilities.
To reinforce concepts for members who have been officers.
To build teamwork & trust in the club officer team.
To give officers a chance to learn from each other.
To allow members to get to know 4-H’ers across the District.
Hopefully by October all 4-H clubs have elected new club officers, have done or will do an installation ceremony, and are planning to educate officers about their specific roles.
Officer Training will again be occurring over the next month or so. Every club officer and leader is welcome to attend any one of the three training events.
Clubs will be provided with the National 4-H Officer Training Resource book. The Kansas 4-H Officer Publications are available on District 4-H website under “Resources and Links” www.meadowlark.k-state.edu/4-h/club_resources.html

For more information about this event contact Linda Gantz at 785-863-2212 or gantz@ksu.edu

Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 3:00pm

St. Aloysius in Meriden, KS 615 E. Wyandotte

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Meeting, Conference, KSRE Local


Parents, Youth


"4-H, Officer Training"

KSRE Meadowlark 4-H


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