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Advanced NVivo 12 Plus

This interactive presentation will address the following:

  • any extant questions from the basic introduction of NVivo 12 Plus,
  • how to set up qualitative data to be explored and queried,
  • how to use the software on interview, survey, focus group, and similar data,
  • how to query the collected data in an NVivo project (word frequency counts, text searches, matrix coding queries, matrix queries, proximity text searches, and other forms of text parsing),
  • how to create data visualizations (word trees, word clouds, dendrograms, ring lattice graphs, sociograms, and others) (for analysis and presentations),
  • how to conduct four types of auto-coding (by extracted themes and subthemes, by sentiment analysis, by structured data, and by supervised machine learning based on existing human coding),
  • how to set up a qualitative cross-tabulation analysis, and
  • how to output a basic report (including a custom codebook).

Friday, August 14, 2020 at 1:30pm to 3:30pm