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Advanced NVivo

This follow-on training to the earlier introduction to NVivo 12 Plus / NVivo addresses some of the more complex uses of the tool, such as to process interview and focus group data (as case nodes), how to export a codebook, how to run various types of machine learning, how to set up the machine to copy one’s coding (with a Kappa coefficient of 1), and others. This training will cover team coding and the related Cohen’s Kappa (a statistical similarity analysis). This will also address machine learning features in NVivo and the newish qualitative cross-tabulation analysis, among others.  Project-based troubleshooting will also be done for those who attend early or stay late.  And others will have to reach out via email to set up a direct consult as needed. 

Friday, April 15 at 1:30pm to 3:30pm