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Analysis Seminar. Convergence of Nonlinear Nonlocal Operators to their Classical Counterparts

Speaker: Hayley Olson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Title: Convergence of Nonlinear Nonlocal Operators to their Classical Counterparts

Abstract: Nonlinear diffusion models phenomena where diffusivity is temperature or concentration dependent. Nonlocal operators can model effects that classical partial differential systems cannot capture. Combining the two, we consider nonlinear nonlocal models. In particular, showing that the action of a nonlocal operator localizes to the analogous classical operator and that solutions to a nonlocal boundary value problem converges to the classical solution.

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Meeting ID: 965 5226 3210
Passcode: Analysis

Tuesday, February 23 at 3:30pm to 4:20pm

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Lecture, Colloquia, Seminar



Mathematics, Department of
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